Brand Story Kit

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Imagine this:

★ You have a clear understanding of who your clients are, what they want from you, why they want it, and how to help them trust you.

★ You know how to communicate your message and everything you write for your business is clear, confident, and persuasive.

★ You have a clear guide to refer to when writing your copy, blog posts, social media updates, and emails.

★ Your online presence is consistent and therefore trustworthy.

★ As a result, you attract more of the right people.

This is what your brand story can do for you.

Inside the Kit, you will find:

★ A guide to help you plan your storytelling adventure. The guided writing process takes 3 hours (most of which is you writing, not reading or learning).

★ An e-book to help you understand the basics of brand storytelling. Includes seven brand storytelling assignments. 

★ A workbook to help you craft your brand story (writing prompts, strategic questions, planning sheets).

Let's spend some creative time together and craft THE story your Dream Client needs to hear to make them listen, care, trust, and act.

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Brand Story Kit

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